Are you interested in learning how to create web scrapers and finding a practical use for your newfound expertise? You do not have to look anymore. We have compiled a list of 20 quick and easy web scraping tasks you may get started on right now.

An insight into Web-scraping projects for 2022

Below are some of the list for best web scraper project in 2022.

Review the feedback received from previous clients.

This project can scrape any Amazon product page so that you may read user reviews. After scraping, it is possible to uncover new information using sentiment analysis and statistical analysis.

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Cost of airline tickets examined.

When we are organizing a vacation, this is not always doable. Everyone wants to save money on their flight tickets, but this is not always achievable. The best way to save money on plane tickets is to prepare ahead. At the wrong moment, prices may drop. To acquire tickets for the dates you want, you need to know what they are. Fill down your details on a site like Expedia or Kayak, and the crawler will look for rates.

The NBA sees players this way.

NBA, WNBA, and G League statistics were obtained from It includes information on each player’s field goal %, field goal attempts, location on the court, and minutes played, to name a few stats.

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A comparison of automated items’ pricing

Using an automated system, gathering product prices from several eCommerce websites may be done. Next, the buyer may check out a variety of websites before deciding on one to purchase the product from.

Competitors’ customers are scrutinized.

SEO Web crawlers, which are websites that collect information about various web pages, may provide data for this project. Crawlers take into account factors such as the number of views and shares a page receives, as well as the length of time it has been online.

The Study of Sport

You may utilize data from the National Football League to complete this project. Finding out more about NFL players and clubs is easy if you know how to scrape the league’s website. Using Google documents for this project is an option.

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Inquiry on the Price of Hotels

Travelers may use to find and book hotels across the globe. This website’s data may be scraped to get hotel-specific information such as the name, kind of room, and location. Machine learning may be used to train a model that learns about various hotel attributes and forecasts pricing. You can use Data Scraping in Travel Industry: Here’s What you Need to Know

Online gaming research

The STREAM gaming store’s data may be obtained by web scraping. The market already contains roughly 10,000 games and has received over 4 million comments. Product listings on the internet might help you learn more about the games.

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Investigating Cryptocurrency Values on the Internet

A website can be created for this project that is both visually appealing and jam-packed with useful information regarding cryptocurrencies like NFT and their most recent seven-day trend. Everything you need to know about the world in one spot

Scraping news from all around the globe to create a personalized news outlet is the purpose of this project. Scraping data from your favorite websites may provide you with the latest information.

How much a property will sell for in the future

Owning a house is out of reach for most individuals, especially those who have day jobs. However, most of them decide to quit when they learn how much it costs. You may save a lot of money while buying a house since it is such a large investment.

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Each word’s frequency in a phrase

Natural language processing and web scraping will be combined in this project’s main purpose. The Term Frequency Distribution, which illustrates how often a certain word is used, may be retrieved from public internet publications and analyzed.

Data about politics can be analyzed.

As part of your project, you may solicit feedback from the general public using a social media site such as Twitter or Facebook.

An investigation into Equity

“Investor relations” sections are common on the websites of most firms. These parts often comprise the company’s financial statements from the previous year. Scrape the PDFs on Walt Disney’s Investor Relations website to see how well or how much money the corporation has for this project.

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Drug recommendation system

Use WebMD data to build a recommendation system. On the website, you will get true medical news and medicinal components for a wide range of therapies. For your project, you may search through them.

A review of the Stock Market


A company’s stock price might be affected if someone casually mentions it. This study’s data can be gathered from online discussion forums like Reddit, where people discuss everything and everything.

Movie Reviews

You may create your own movie review analyzer to assist you in choosing a movie to see this weekend based on IMDB ratings and reviews. You may do sentiment analysis on the reviews to gather even more information.

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Creating a job-searching website:

You may get information like the job posting date, pay, industry, and firm name by scraping well-known job search websites. After that, you will be able to save and display this data on your website.

Examining a company’s books and records

You may utilize the Yahoo Finance website to gather information about a firm you are interested in learning more about for this assignment. Make certain that the company’s information is in Yahoo’s database before you begin composing your project proposal.

Search engine optimization

Scraping prominent search engines like Google, Bing, and others to see how well your website ranks for a certain topic makes content monitoring simple. When doing the keyword research for this assignment, you will collect web page elements such as HTML links, meta tags, and title tags.

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If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will always find a project concept for web scraping.


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