Slot games such as Chilli Slot Game are random, and the result of playing them is also random. They have a Random Number Generator (RNG), which goes through multiple combinations of numbers within a second. Each symbol on the reels is assigned a specific number, and the combination chosen by the RNG decides which symbols to appear on the screen.

Since the combinations are random, the outcome of each round is unpredictable. However, there are ways in which you can maximize your possibility of winning. Using the Big Bet Feature is one such way.

What is a Big Bet?

Big Bet is a game feature that allows the player to skip the formalities and dive straight to the bonus round. Therefore, instead of playing the regular game, you can jump into games that include free spins, multipliers, and wilds throughout to help you win more.

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These bonus rounds come at a cost and are usually much more than your standard bet amount. In this feature, you will pay more to get into the most lucrative rounds within that game.

How the Big Bet Feature Functions

The Big Bet feature can be seen in multiple games powered by SG Interactive, Barcrest, and WMS Interactive.

In all the titles, the feature functions the same. Once you log into the game screen, default to the main game, which functions like the penny slots you may already be accustomed to. Once there, you can choose to play for normal stakes, typically starting at £1 or less per spin.

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Alternatively, you can click on the Big Bet icon with a “BB” symbol for a fixed price. Usually, at least £20 or £10 can buy five Big Bet Spins.

The main difference between the regular and Big Bet spins is that the latter produces playing conditions that are more favorable to the player. For instance:

  •         The wilds can be persistent, meaning that once triggered, they will lock in place.
  •         The lower-paying symbols may be removed from the reels for as long as the Big Bet round is playing.
  •         Symbols that activate additional bonus rounds or free spins may also be persistent.
  •         All wins may be multiplied.
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Usually, games with the Big Bet feature offer gamers several buy-in tiers to choose from. The less expensive tiers offer less favorable conditions and the pricier ones more favorable. With each more expensive tier, the game volatility increases. For instance, Big Bet features go for up to £50 for five spins. This is a big enough amount that is enough to put most high-rollers on the edge of their seat.

Advantages of Big Bet Features

Slots with the Big Bet feature have several advantages. Some of the most notable ones include the following.

  •         Big Bet slots allow you to jump straight into the bonus round.
  •         They are much more engaging than most standard slots
  •         They are highly rewarding
  •         You are guaranteed the special rounds
  •         They have a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage that averages between 93% and 99%.
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More software developing companies are starting to create versions of the Big Bet feature like gargoyle gear setup osrs. With this expansion, you can expect to see a more diverse range of games in action, which is often a good thing.


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