When you’re looking for a new city to start fresh in, it’s vital to remember that you should enjoy available activities in your new area. Even if you have no control over where you are moving, for example, moving for work, you need to look into what kind of entertainment options they have going on in their neighborhood. There’s nothing worse than moving to a new place and not having any recreational areas or events. These are the best breweries in the midwest, is one of them your town?

Milwaukee Wisconsin

After researching the best breweries in the United States, there wasn’t a single list that didn’t have Milwaukee on it. As the largest city in Wisconsin, it makes sense that it is home to tons of fun shops, eateries, and entertainment venues. Milwaukee is a large city and hub of culture and important economic-driving industries. Milwaukee was named “Brew City” due to the influx of German Americans and their love of brewing. Their Major League Baseball team was known as the Milwaukee Brewers.

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Some awesome local breweries are running strong to this day. If you have been browsing at Milwaukee homes for sale and happen to love beer, then you’re in luck. One example is Third Space Brewing. This brewery was built in an abandoned warehouse and was made to bring the community together around good conversation and brews. They hold an award for Unite the Clans Scottish ale so you can see that their German roots are still quite prevalent.


Lakefront Brewery is another that has blown away residents and visitors alike. This historic brewery from the 80s offers types of beers in an array of varieties and 2 gluten-free options. Since it sits right on the Milwaukee River, they offer outdoor views and delicious brews. You can even rent a chalet that was made for private dining for two! Make it micro-brews, but romantic.

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Once again, an acclaimed about of breweries were located as having their origins in Indianapolis. Sun King Brewery is one of these delectable breweries in downtown Indy. This place is the highest-ranking holder of medals in Indiana. They have over a dozen gold-medal-winning beers, just as many silver, and even a few bronzes.


The Guggman Haus Brewing Co is another spectacular local brewery in Indianapolis. The brewery is woman-owned, being founded by two twin sisters. Their two families have passions for German brewing and spent time cultivating their skills to open this brewery in the old Boyle Racing Headquarters. This was operated by Indy 500 winner Wilber Shaw, Mike Boyle, and other professional drivers and Mechanics. This one is great if you’re looking to indulge in the history of your new hometown.

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Finally, we have Upland Brewing Co. which is also located downtown in Indianapolis on Fountain Square. This is the spot if you’re looking for vegetarian dining options coupled with delicious small-batch beers to pair. There is a huge outdoor area where you can relax with brews and food throughout the summer. You can even bring your dog if you promise they do not misbehave!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati is Ohio’s largest metropolitan area and is not surprisingly home to a few mentionable breweries. This area was also home to many German-Americans who had founded many of the city’s cultural institutions. Rhinegeist City Brewery was founded by two colleagues who came to Cincinnati to offer the city some new coffee roasteries. When they got to thinking about what other amazing things they can do, they began to focus on the city’s history.

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Another city full of history and microbrews, Cincinnati is a hub of social gatherings and collaborations between communities. These collaborations brought together the idea of not only creating really delicious beer but making sure the process is not destroying the environment. They practice recycling their PakTechs, volunteer for environmental sustainability efforts, and have planted over 1,000 trees. If protecting the environment is a concern of yours, you can feel confident in visiting this brewery in your new city.


Whatever one of these cities becomes your new home, you can bet there’s going to be breweries available for all your weekend hangs. There are more breweries constantly popping up as well, shaking up the traditional local brewery vibes. Even if your new home isn’t in one of these cities, don’t be afraid to search up the local breweries in that city. You’ll be surprised at what beer has become.

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