Murder of Johnny Altinger

Mark Twitchell claimed to be a youngster in a visiting room in October 2008 and coordinated a date with Johnny Altinger, a 38-year-older individual he later killed without the slightest hesitation. Twitchell whipped and slice his loss severely preceding destroying him on his parking space table.

Directly following killing Altinger, he got back to pronouncing to be Sheena and coordinated a date with Gilles Perreault. Twitchell pursued him, yet he battled beyond what many would consider possible and moved away; the individual who endeavored to kill him was wearing a field hockey shroud. He didn’t call the police until he saw the cover of The Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell at the newsgathering announcing Altinger’s death.

Inside the mind of the executioner: The Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell

Steve Lillebuen and Julia Cowley, a past FBI criminal profiler, share nuances on the killer and the Dexter series. Twitchell has been called ” the Dexter Killer,” according to Lillebeun, because of the different comparable qualities between the TV program and certifiable bad behaviors.

In his arrangements and letters to Lillebuen, Mark Twitchell discusses his interest in the persistent executioner Dexter Morgan. He had plastic sheeting, a steel drum for body parts, and a serrated saw for bones in his kill chamber. As shown by maker Lillebuen, his texts contain basic references to Dexter.


As demonstrated by this report, Mark Twitchell was so focused on the TV show Dexter, which follows an irate persistent executioner, that he created a “killer chamber” where he destroyed setbacks like the individual on the show. 

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