Quality lingerie is an essential, and because it’s something you wear every day, no matter your plans (except maybe on those braless lounge-around-the-house days), you want your lingerie to be comfortable, supportive, and super cute. While getting dressed in your undergarments is one of those daily necessities that doesn’t feel particularly exciting, you can make it enjoyable. There’s a wide assortment of lingerie looks and styles, and if you find ones that feel good, dressing in your undergarments each morning can feel like a fun extension of creating that outfit you love.


If there’s one thing we can tell you about lingerie, it’s that it doesn’t have to be boring. Lingerie can boost your confidence, elevate your comfort, and feel like a great expression of your style, even if you’re the only person who sees how absolutely adorable your underwear is today! The best way to turn anything from something mundane to something enjoyable is to find a version of it that you love.

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So let’s talk lingerie: we’ll go over three things to consider when it comes to picking the right pieces for you. Our mission is to make getting dressed in your undergarments each morning something you look forward to. But even more than finding pleasure in your morning, we promise you can find lingerie you love so much that it boosts your confidence throughout the entirety of your day!


Let’s dive into the things you need to know about which style of lingerie is the best fit for you. All pieces are sold by Fleur du Mal, provider of luxe lingerie that flatters and flaunts your body. If you see any pieces you just can’t live without, head over to their website to score them for yourself!

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Consider Your Needs


Firstly, you’ll want to consider your list of needs when it comes to your undergarments. When shopping for bras, you might be most intentional about selecting pieces that offer comfort, or support, or a lifting effect, or perhaps a reducing effect (like a padding-free bralette). And with underwear, you’ll want to think about details like whether you want full coverage, comfort, seamless invisibility, etc. You can use your list to then look for pieces that work for a variety of outfits, like strapless bras, plunge bras, t-shirt bras, and push-up bras, as well as thongs, high cut panties, cheeky bottoms, and briefs.

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We’re not even talking about the cuteness factor of your lingerie yet—that will come next. First off, you need to determine what your main desires are when it comes to the job your lingerie holds, and then look for everyday pieces that fit those requirements.

Consider Your Style


Ok, now for the fun part: selecting your stylish lingerie pieces that will make you feel confident, strong, and beautiful. What is one person’s everyday look is another’s formalwear, so here’s a variety of dressy lingerie you can wear as you see fit! Style is personal to everyone, so instead of talking about it, let’s show you a few lingerie sets that you’ll love.

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The Lily Embroidery Plunge Demi Bra and Lily Hipster Thong in Clementine

The Luxe Triangle Bra and Luxe Flutter Panty in Lime Punch

The Eco Luxe Jersey Lined Demi Bra and Eco Luxe Jersey Thong in Rose Pink

The Bouquet Lace Bustier Top and Bouquet Lace Cheeky in Pastel Sky


The Jardin Embroidery Longline Demi Bra and Jardin Embroidery Thong in Bisou

The Dotty Tulle Bra and Dotty Tulle Heart Shaped Cheeky in Black

Consider Your Uses


Lastly, consider all the ways you plan on wearing your lingerie and what styles you’ll want to have on hand. For instance, if you like to wear fitted tees or semi-sheer, lightweight clothing items, you’ll want to make sure you have some smooth-front lingerie pieces (like t-shirt bras and neutral cotton panties). Lacey pieces can cause texture and patterns to show through in those scenarios. But then also consider those days when you want to wear something alluring and flattering, and make sure you stock your lingerie drawer with sets and pieces that make you feel captivating.

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You can also look for pieces for fun occasions and outfits where you might want your bralette to make a bit of a statement; for instance, wearing a lacey bra with high waisted bottoms, or wearing your cutesy bra over your bodysuit (a trend we’re loving). Most importantly, you want to ensure your closet contains a wide range of lingerie styles and fits that have many uses.



Lingerie doesn’t have to be confusing, or all in one style. What is most important is that you select pieces that work for various occasions, because we know there are some days when you want to feel like a gorgeous work of art, and others when you just want to relax in something plain and comfy. So head over to Fleur du Mal to stock up your wardrobe with high quality, comfortable, flattering lingerie pieces!

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