Modern slots include one or several bonus round features in several formats, such as pick bonuses, free spins, and many more. Mainly, the bonus rounds are triggered from the base game, but you will find some, like jackpots, may trigger randomly on any spin or within the bonus round in action.

Games with new free spins no deposit bonus are popular because they make the game more exciting and offer bigger wins than the base game. Also, bonus rounds can help extend your gameplay and budget if you are lucky to trigger free spins or any other feature included in the game.

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How Do Bonus Rounds Work?

Depending on the slot, you must land several special symbols to trigger the bonus round. While most bonus rounds activate automatically, some may need your interaction to activate the feature.

For instance, a slot may contain a bonus wheel with free spins with a starting multiplier. You need to spin the wheel to collect your bonus. In other cases, you might need to play a pick bonus game, during which you click on mystery icons to reveal your prize.

However, in most cases, bonuses like free spins or respins will pause the game and start soon after they are triggered. This can happen on the same or a new set of reels.

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Playing bonus rounds doesn’t have any additional slots. If anything, they help boost your betting balance with extra wins if you are lucky. Rather than using your real cash, the feature uses its dedicated credit. For example, triggering a bonus round with ten free spins allows you to spin the reels ten times for free.

In some games, it is possible to retrigger the bonus round, allowing you to react to the bonus round for a certain amount of time. This extends your gameplay, and your wins are calculated once the bonus round is over.

How to Trigger the Bonus Round

The process of triggering the bonus round differs from slot to slot. However, in most online slots, the bonus round is triggered by scatter symbols. These symbols can land anywhere on the reels, while in others, you might need to hit them on specific reels to trigger the bonus round.

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The number of symbols triggering the bonus round varies depending on the slot. In most cases, you will need three or more scatter in the base game to trigger the bonus. The bonus size can also vary depending on the number of triggering symbols. In some slots, the more scatters you land, the more free spins you receive.

In some slots, the bonus round is randomly triggered on any spin. Sometimes, this can happen on a non-winning spin. This way, the feature gives you a second chance to land a win without any further bet.

Usually, random bonus rounds are triggered by landing the game’s main character. The character can help start free respin or add extra symbols on the reels. The random triggers are great as they boost your chance of winning the base game without taking anything from your bankroll.

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Slots with bonus rounds are a good choice if you want to increase your chances of winning just like the protein bars for vegans slot game. These games allow you to play for an extended period without using your bankroll. You win real cash from the bonus.


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