Collagen supplements Very popular among girls who want to nourish the skin to be beautiful and radiant. Currently collagen is produced in many forms, especially water. to make it easier to eat whether it is a powder or ready-made that can be drunk immediately Now we can see that there are many brands of collagen for sale. But not every brand is up to standard. There is research to support So before buying to eat We should study the information See a standard production source. reliable for safety and effective results for the body


which is actually a way to add collagen to the body and skin It can be done in many other ways. It is not necessary to brew only one drink. Today we choose 3 methods that are suitable for people who want to add collagen to the body and skin. But I’m not confident in choosing to buy collagen and drink it myself. Let me tell you that each method can safely increase collagen. It’s definitely not harmful to the body.

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Benefits of collagen for skin

– improves strength and flexibility to the skin layer to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles

– Stimulates and increases the efficiency of blood flow.

– Helps prevent water loss in the skin and maintains moisture to the skin better.

– Helps restore skin to be radiant and clear


Normally, all of our bodies naturally produce collagen, but it gradually decreases as we age. Or there are other factors that destroy collagen to deteriorate, such as UV rays from sunlight. Foods high in sugar, smoking, and stress can also decrease collagen. Therefore, in addition to avoiding these collagen-destroying behaviors We can also increase or stimulate collagen to work more efficiently with these 3 methods.

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  1. Eat food to stimulate collagen.

We have to eat on a daily basis anyway. So let’s choose foods that are beneficial to the body! Foods that can help increase collagen to the skin as well, such as seafood, green leafy vegetables, foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, guavas, or beverages such as coconut water, green tea, etc.


  1. Sleep can create collagen.

This method is not only good for the body. But it also affects the health of our own skin as well. Because as we know that during sleep, there will be a secretion of important substances that help repair cells in the body. Especially substances that are important to the skin, such as growth hormone, that help maintain balance and restore skin cells. Stimulates the production of collagen under the skin layer and melatonin That helps protect skin cells from free radicals, these substances are produced while we sleep. So if you want to maintain your skin to be youthful You should get enough rest, not sleep deprivation.

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  1. Stimulate collagen deeply with Thermage

Thermage is another method that can help stimulate collagen deep within the skin. It can also help to lift and tighten the skin. Solve facial skin problems from the first treatment. Suitable for people who do not have time to take care of themselves. It can be said that the results of Thermage treatment will help rejuvenate the skin effectively. Facial skin is back to good health. look younger again


Thermage is the only skin tightening tool available today. Emits radiofrequency energy (Radio Frequency or RF) directly to the dermis layer, including the layer of collagen, elastin and subcutaneous fat. heat It causes the collagen fibers that have begun to deteriorate and shrink back to have a tighter spiral. And stimulate the creation of new collagen and elastin as well as heat energy also goes down to the fat layer to help break down accumulated fat as well. This results in the face being flexible, the skin is strong, firm, firm, and the cheeks are reduced. face frame more clearly In addition, the skin will gradually become radiant, smooth, look more healthy.

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